IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security
29 June - 1 July 2020 // Virtual Conference

International Workshop on Military Applications of Emerging Security Technologies (Mil-Sec 20)

International Workshop on Military Applications of Emerging Security Technologies (Mil-Sec 20)

Modern military operations are conducted in a complex, multidimensional, highly dynamic, and disruptive environment - sometimes with unanticipated partners and irregular adversaries. Both military commanders and regular soldiers operate under strong time pressures and high operational tempos and depend to increasing extent on information technology to achieve the mission objectives. At the same time, the critical information and communication systems become a target of sophisticated cyberattacks from adversaries and need to be designed to be resilient and operate securely in an extremely high-risk environment.

The workshop aims to foster collaboration and knowledge dissemination between military research institutions, academia, industry, NATO, and EDA. The workshop accepts papers for topics related to the security of military/defense ICT, including current and emerging technologies, systems, and applications.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • 5G security for military applications
  • Security of unmanned and autonomous systems
  • Security architecture for military/defense systems
  • Security of heterogeneous and federated systems
  • Data Centric Security, including information labelling and classification
  • Security of complex systems in face of advanced persistent threats (state-actors)
  • Detection of advanced persistent threats
  • Security of civilian critical infrastructure with military usage
  • Dual-use cyber security techniques
  • Simulation and emulation techniques in cybersecurity
  • Secure interoperability of civilian and military systems
  • Security and privacy aspects of humanitarian assistance and disaster response