IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security
29 June - 1 July 2020 // Virtual Conference

International Workshop on Emerging Security Solutions for Critical Applications (ESSCA 20)

International Workshop on Emerging Security Solutions for Critical Applications (ESSCA 20)

The development of smart applications holds the promise of creating today’s intelligent and globally connected ecosystems. These may act as catalysts to produce a new generation of innovative technologies, which will drive the creation of new industries.  Among other aspects, security of such applications is of paramount importance. Application Programming Interface (API) is considered as a new world connector and a gateway to automated, efficient, flexible and personalized user and business experience and application development. However, a lot of work is still needed to develop and grow this ecosystem. API is one of the many corners in application development and its security is essential. We have hardly started to address the design, development, and security issues of APIs, and smart applications, which are intricately entwined with the security and privacy challenges that impinge on the business and standardization domains.

​This workshop will highlight the recent developments in the evolving areas of smart and critical applications. It will provide a platform to showcase the research work and new ideas on security and privacy related to these smart critical applications. The workshop is also aiming to promote further collaboration within the researchers working in this research paradigm. Moreover, this workshop is targeted towards bringing together research and industry partners to present and discuss preliminary research results, ongoing work and experiences on the topics of emerging security techniques that can act as enablers for future envisioning of smart applications. The main objects of the workshop are as follows: 

  • To explore intersections and interfaces of various emerging security solutions for critical applications in different domains such as finance, automotive, IoT, and smart infrastructure.

  • To provide a platform for researchers to explore different options for providing security to the critical applications by leveraging emerging techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, trust management, and blockchain. 

  • To invite industrial stakeholders for initiating new discussions on the challenges and opportunities in terms of interoperability of solutions, i.e., to discuss how technologies complement each other, which use cases make sense and what are specific design issues.

This workshop will host two keynotes; one by acedamic researercher and one by an industrial expert.  

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